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III. side-specific installation. fabric. dark-brownish bar.

I deal with the hidden space, with the secret and still visible space. The folding. If I unfold something its size increases, the surface grows. The folding is full of hope and mystery. The »thing« stays a secret until the folds are straightened. In the exhibition space there is a mural painting from a 13th century church. The painting shows saints wearing folded robes. The installation interacts with the old murals.

II. side-specific installation. seventeen old marble tiles. thread.

I found marble tiles at the stream. They are partially buried in the dry mud. They are on the ground to mark the path to the stream – like many other broken fragments of thrown tiles. The marble­ tiles are almost intact. I pick them up, I dig them out, I wash them, I remove the remaining seams, I carry them to the theater and oil them there… Just above the floor there are seventeen marble tiles on the stage of the theater. They are floating suspended on threads. Together they build a chain, a curtain, a fence. They surround the space in which I worked for the video (How much space needs the present I), the space I adopted through my interaction.

I. video. stop-motion. 2:35.

I am exploring the space. I am »inscribing« myself into the body of space. I create space inside a space by gesticulating. Then I turn to the things that are in that space. I give them a new interpretation, I put them into a new relation, I pile them, I turn them, I place them on edge, diagonally, around, up… I place my body in relation to these things. I am in a space and I am ›within things‹. Everything has a place. My closeness to the things arises from careful treatment, from contemplation. It seems to me that the space stands still. I feel myself in relation to the things; we are together. I feel like I am playing a game. The game is the game of being in the area, being here, being there, being present, being in the moment. The time is relevant. I am measuring it by my actions. The more familiar the thing is, the more it becomes a thing of the past. I am finding a space inside a space. I am finding a second space inside a space. What fits with me into that space? What do I need in that place? Which location do I choose, which area do I caress? I rest in focus… it is my home. Then… the strange and the adventure happen. The space moves the things. The things become silent, but the surrounding space disturbs them. The things move, and are propelled…